A Brief Letter about the Freedom of Sexual Choice!

Yesterday was International Sex Worker Rights Day, so I just felt the need to write this. It’s based on personal experiences and conversations I’ve had with a range of different people in the past few years, especially living in a city like Hamburg, which has one of the most prominent red light districts in the world. It’s a brief letter, which has summarised all my and my friends’ thoughts and life philosophies to the topic of sex, sexual preferences, and freedom of choice in relation to your sex life. I believe this message applies to everyone.

Dear prostitutes, nuns, strippers, monks, burlesque dancers, masseuses, yoginis…Dear lesbians, bisexuals, heterosexuals, asexuals, monogamists, polygamists…

Whatever you want to do with your sex life, that is fine (abstinence, numerous partners, one partner, or selling sex).

But please, leave everyone else to live their own lives. A polygamist looking down on a monogamist is just as bad as a bible-basher telling a prostitute that she will burn in Hell. Just because something works for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else.

If you believe in freedom of choice, then you don’t believe in words like “slut” or “prude”. I have met virgin Christians who are more tolerant and open-minded than the neo-hippie polygamist, and I have met prostitutes who are more accepting of those who choose a life of abstinence.

Live, and let live.

If nobody is a direct threat to you, then there is no reason to judge them.

I have sex with someone because I choose to, not because of some doctrine I feel like I have to follow. I can also choose NOT to have sex with someone and remain close, platonic friends with them, because it is MY choice to make, and nobody else’s. Everyone should do the same and not feel threatened by someone whose sex life and sexual preferences differs to yours. If you wish not to be judged, then don’t judge. If you’re not judging, but you feel judged, then pity the other person for their narrow-mindedness…challenge them if you have to…but DON’T CHANGE YOUR LIFE IF YOU ARE HAPPY!

In the words of Dr Seuss: Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

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