“Teaser Feet” (Work-in-progress, 2018)

“Now…Entertain Us!” (Original Title: “In Harmonia Progressio”) – (Kampnagel 2015)

“Chronic Hiccup” (K3 – Kampnagel 2014)

“Aus und Tagein” (Hamburger Sprechwerk 2012)


“Awakening Waves” (2012)


“Do It Yourself” (Gängeviertel 2012)

In the Tanz in den Gängen Festival 2012, John Andrew Cunnington wasn’t able to stay in Hamburg for the performance. So the organizers asked him if he could make a dance video so that he could still be a part of the wonderful promenade dance show in the Gängeviertel.
Choreography/Dancer: John Andrew Cunnington
Filmed by: Kamila Olympia Rudnicki
Edited by: Alyssa Marie Warncke
Music by: Helios (Click here to purchase the song online)

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