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© Hasibe Lesmann, 2016

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I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. At a very young age, I began taking piano and ballet lessons, but discovered a few years later that my biggest passion was for the theatre. After completing my International Baccalaureate, I moved to the UK to further my knowledge of theatre arts and to study the Bachelor of Arts course World Performance at East 15 Acting School (Class of 2011). My main focus during this program was Devised Theatre, Acting, Singing, Butoh, Movement, Live Music, Dance-Theatre and Political Theatre.

In 2015, I have completed the Master’s Program in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. In the city of Hamburg, I have worked professionally as a singer/voice coach, a pianist/composer, musician/actress, performance artist, dancer, butoh artist/dancer and workshop leader in the experimental art, theatre, and performance scene. With my background in dance, music, philosophy and acting, I enjoy exploring the experimental, fantastical, imaginative and even dark sides of life and expressing that through voice, movement, imagery and music.

I am also a certified yoga teacher, with my first intensive experiences at the Yoga Dharma Southend alongside my B.A. education, which has then inspired me to complete a Teacher Training program in Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik, Maharashtra, India (2013). I draw my teachings and philosophies from the original meaning of “Yoga” (“to unite”) and apply these classic teachings (including Asana and Pranayama practises) to the skills and trainings of the performing artist, as well as to the overall health and wellbeing of everyone who is interested and willing to learn classical Yoga.

I hope you enjoy browsing and exploring this website – my online artistic portfolio of almost all my creative work, and projects in collaboration with other artists.

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