Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Losing My Faith in Humanity (at least in Europe)

1) Love is seen as a bad thing, a problem, and a nuisance.

2) People are so quick to point out other people’s mistakes with snide comments, but pay no attention to their own.

3) Everything is so fast and accessible that people believe they’re more efficient and smarter, when in fact they’ve lost the ability to observe and to listen to what’s going on around them.

4) Quantity means more than Quality.

5) When someone throws themselves on the train tracks, people aren’t horrified, they’re ANNOYED!

6) Everyone’s eyes are glued to their gadgets while they’re walking, cycling AND driving! Nobody is looking at each other or where they’re going or who they’re bumping into!

7) The city is more concerned about rebuilding (when it doesn’t even need it…) then investing money into helping PEOPLE!

8) Everyone is so obsessed with being polite and sparing people’s precious feelings that they don’t focus on being honest and doing the right thing.

9) That being said, it’s almost no wonder why everyone is so polite…people take things so personally! Not everything is an attack, and not everything is about you…get over yourselves!

10) It’s 2014…I thought we were meant to progress…why have we voted conservatives AGAIN!?!?!?!?

Aren’t we allowed to be human???

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