Quick Theatre Play Review and Political FYI…

Moby Dick at the Thalia Theater Hamburg

A show currently running in one of the biggest theatres here in Hamburg, which I personally would highly recommend. Even if your German is not perfect (because the language is very classic, just like the novel Moby Dick itself) go watch it for the artistic visual choices for the stage and the stylistically ‘realistic’ choreography of the actors.

Very few props and special effects were used…the illusions of a ship, the storms, the whales, and sharks were created by the actors, and through the use of water and red paint (that means, if you’re sitting in the front two rows, you will get rain-ponchos handed to prevent you from getting wet yourselves!)
If you’re someone who is quite bored by too much talking onstage like me, I guarantee you will be absorbed by the highly imaginative and visual stage directions, despite there being 20-minute monologues in this production.

Apart from me being obsessed with this show at the moment, I have another reason for a new post today:


This topic was brought up at the end of the Moby Dick production by one of the actors. “Even though it’s ‘illegal’ that they’re here, it’s justified.”


There’s usually a reason why people are fleeing from their home countries to more, let’s face it, privileged and richer countries and cities. It’s not because they want to steal your jobs, it’s not out of spite. It’s because their lives are in danger and are left with very little options. Hamburg needs to think about how good they have it (on the whole) compared to many other countries and cities in this world.

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